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Five Nights at Cubies LWP

1.5 usd

Happy EASTER Enjoy the new surprise..Enjoy this Live Wallpaper of Five Nights at Cubies!It's highly configurable with endless amounts of settings, give yourself the perfect environment of scare and horror!Every time you check your home screen you'll notice Cubie staring back at you!
Features ~Interactive and Responsive CameraSound Effects to SCARE YOUAdvanced and Dynamic Lighting SystemCool looking GUI to give an Authentic Feel
Highly Configurable ~- Configure Scene- Configure Characters- Configure Lighting- Configure GUI- Configure Input- Configure Camera- Configure Sounds
Future Updates ~- New Scenes- New Characters- New Options
Supports most devices and resolutions.
Get an authentic feel and environment, get scared the way you want with no strings attached.
If you have problems, do leave your issues in the comments so they can be resolved or email me personally.
If you'd like to check out updates, please visit